I have worked in the construction industry for the past 30 years most of it spent in the general contractor’s office.  The one truth that has stood out over time is the singular importance of project managers and superintendents to the success of the organization.  They are the “Product” of a general contractor.  The skill and efficiency to manage the risk of construction is their core value proposition.  All other efforts are subordinate to the processes they implement.

So why do today's “Modern” information management systems fail to support the basic control and workflow processes that are critical to efficient execution of project managers and superintendents primary responsibilities?  Why are they geared toward accounting and back of office controls, processes that are focused on understanding what has happened - not what will happen.  Why is there a love hate relationship between the guys and gals getting the work done and the tools they have to do it.

I have built my career around understanding this problem and working towards practical solutions.  The Construction Execution Model is my understanding of the complex environment that is project controls. 

My goal is to articulate a new way of understanding this problem with the hope that it will ultimately lead to better tools and more efficient processes for project managers and superintendents, allowing them to spend less effort on managing data and more time solving construction problems.

Stephen P. Kawczynski